In 2014 the NZVNA Executive Committee created a regulation working committee tasked with initiating the move toward professional regulation of veterinary nurses. This working committee was given autonomy for operative governance within the NZVNA constitution to ensure minimal conflict of interest between the representative and regulatory branches of the organisation.

In 2015 the working committee adopted the name Allied Veterinary Professional Regulatory Council (AVPRC). The name was chosen to be inclusive of veterinary nurses, technicians, technologists, and allied animal healthcare professionals.

As of August 1 2023, AVPRC are now an independent, volunteer-led, non-profit charitable trust

The NZVNA and AVPRC have two separate functions - the NZVNA is the representative organisation for veterinary nurses, and the AVPRC is the regulatory organisation for allied veterinary professionals including veterinary nurses and technicians.

As a regulatory body, the AVPRC works closely with the Veterinary Council of New Zealand (VCNZ) and functions in a manner like the VCNZ with the aim that the two organisations will merge eventually when regulation is made statutory for allied veterinary professionals in New Zealand under the Veterinarians Act. Until then, the AVPRC will sit under NZVNA governance.

For the register of veterinary nurses and allied veterinary professionals, and learn more about regulation of allied professionals in New Zealand, see the AVPRC website below: