Continuing Education

The NZVNA Executive Committee understand the importance of Continuing Professional Development within the veterinary sector.

To help support this, we have collated a broad range of CPD for all sectors that will be offered throughout the year.

Advertising CPD through NZVNA is free of charge. For further information please contact

At the time of posting all link supplied were confirmed to be working. Any changes to the links are the responsibility of the education provider. Please contact of any links that no longer work

Other than the CPD Accredited Courses, the views and information expressed in any continuing education that is advertised on the NZVNA website do not necessarily represent those of the NZVNA, and the NZVNA does not endorse any products or services advertised. The NZVNA is not the source of the information provided by the learning provider and has not independently verified the truth of the information. It does not accept any legal responsibility for the truth or accuracy of the information contained in the course material that you are provided with. The NZVNA does not accept any liability whatsoever for the contents of these courses or for any consequences which may result from the use of the information contained herein or advice given herein. The provision is intended to exclude the NZVNA and its staff from all liability whatsoever, including liability for negligence in the publication or reproduction of the materials set out herein.